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1971 RHD Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 V8 Coupe







RHD 280 SE 3.5 V8 Coupe



Engine Capacity (cc)









Silver Blue with Navy hide

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The Mercedes SE Series was to be considered the greatest design cunjured by Paul Bracq. Which was no mean feat considering he has also to his credit created the Pagoda SL and later the sporting BMW's.

The call for a piller-less Coupe capable of long distance cruising in comfort and retaining a sporting outline and steeped in old world luxury was apparent. The early examples remained faithfully with the familiar sixes, however it was apparent for acceleration and high speed touring something with a little more verve was required. The V8 3.5 was the answer from the factory the first time the V8 was to be used by the factory to achieve this goal.

The engine twinned to a fuel injection system was to offer power with metered consumption in a light body that allowed real world consumption figures as unlike many of the coach built cars of the time, the body was factory built to conserve weight and allow for rapid progress without the weight penalty to steering and handling. These cars are a revelation when compared to the other bespoke manufacturers of the time and feel quite modern to drive.

The coupe with the signiture wrap around windscreen was mirrored by the rear screen that wrapped around to give the grace that makes these cars so sort after (this feature is sadly lost in the convertible)and with the large sunroof offered in only a few cars due to the then recently introduced air conditioning however the load it placed on the engines fuel consumption and the noise from its fans found many wishing they had ordered the roof option.

When all the windows are dropped and the roof opened it really displays this cars fabulous lines.

This car has all the features offered by the factory at the time the roof is electric and recently overhauled with a new cable drive.

All windows are powered and central locking is by key, the electrics are isolated by a race dead -switch which makes storage a simple matter of turning the key to isolate the battery.

The interior is as original as possible the car having been sympathetically restored over twenty years ago, the engine is still (running-in) having been little used from this time! Stephen Redfern who is credited with being the Guru on these cars has over a period of two years honed the car to its present magnificent self. Steve Redfern has tuned the engine and refreshed the mechanicals were he felt there was need the dash has been re-vennered and the original carpets replaced with factory supplied materials.

This car in its right hand drive specification has benefited from all the features that many imports are missing and is without a doubt a stunning and collectible car which cost over twice that of an E-type Jaguar in period and is as rare as they get today when you consider how few were built in right hand drive.